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My full name is Emily Lupita Plum-Güçlü. I go by Emily Lupita.

I’m an American Latina / Mexican-American +Welsh / multi-ethnic Iowan (??) artist & writer who grew up on a self-sustainable homestead in rural Iowa. My previous career was as an international educator. I traveled the world with my students and, before that, as a student myself. Now I run my art studio, Emily Lupita Studio.

Along the way, I journeyed back to my ancestral homelands (Mexico, Spain, Wales) to touch the Earth where my Grandmothers lived and to wrestle with my identity. I ended up in Japan for a few years where I joined a Living Master’s karate family. I met my husband, Alper, almost 20 years ago at graduate school, and now we’re raising our two nonverbal Autistic sons in his hometown of Ankara, Turkey.

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